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Running in Visual Studio
  • Open Project Settings for the ASP.NET Web Page Project
  • Configure proper paths for User & Project Mappings File
  • Configure proper TFS Url

Running in IIS (manual configuration
  • Copy project output to local folder on IIS Server (create with "Build Deploment Package" option)
  • Create Virtual Directory with IIS Manager and point it to copy of Project Output
  • Configure Virtual Dir to use ASP.NET 2.0
  • Configure ASP.NET Settings: Use WindowsAuthentication, Enable Impersonation (leave fields empty)
  • Make Sure IIS Page uses integrated authentication
  • Make sure IIS Pool User Account has Write Permission in Temp Folder (used by tfs client api for caching)
  • Assign Proper Permissions to access RSA Key Store for ASP.NET

*Setup Users

*Setup Projects

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